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 Want to start a fundraising page? First, decide if you are joining the 2014 GCF Medical Mission as an individual or as a part of a team.  Each registered volunteer is expected to raise a minimum of $500 to go towards medical supplies and in-country logistics.  We actually encourage every volunteer to sign up as a team, then create your individual page under the team.  You can recruit other friends, family memebers to be a part of your team and help you raise the much needed funds for the mission, or you can ask them to make a donation through your page,

More about a TEAM PAGE. If you are fundraising with others and you want to all use the same page, you can all send people to your TEAM page link. If you need to track each person on the team individually, then each person needs to create a individual page by  clicking the "JOIN THIS TEAM" link on your team page header.

Looking for a specific page? Use the drop down boxes to search through the pages that have been set up.
Ronald Romear
Top 5 Donors
James Beattie (Infants and Children) $500.00
Ronald Romear $200.00
Lyn Whitfield $50.00
Lydia Fox $50.00
Barbara Chieves $25.00
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